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Unlocking Potential And Inspiring Faith Through Education

Addressing the Education Crisis

Is securing a good education for your child a concern keeping you awake at night? Can your school adapt to provide relevant and excellent education for the next generation? 

In today’s rapidly changing world, traditional educational approaches often fail to equip learners with the skills they need to thrive. Schools are buckling under the pressure of overcrowding, soaring costs and administration. Meanwhile, many teachers are underqualified, and standards continue to drop.

Learners, teachers and parents need education solutions that are innovative, academically rigorous and value-driven.

We Provide Modern Education Solutions That Nurture Future Leaders

At AEE, we recognise the urgency of providing a modern education that equips children to thrive in a fast-changing, demanding world. But preparing learners for the challenges ahead requires more than just academic knowledge. 

AEE understands that creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are vital outcomes of education. However, we also believe a solid moral compass is grounded in Biblical principles.

This sound foundation is essential for children to grow up as responsible adults who can add value to society and reach the potential their full potential.

Delivering modern Christian education solutions since 1983

For over 40 years, AEE has provided quality Christian education solutions to schools and homeschools, with a history dating back to 1983.

Our knowledgeable teams distribute globally recognised curricula and create exceptional education solutions tailored to Africa’s unique needs.

Our mission is to empower and impact Africa by delivering access to world-class Christian education solutions that are innovative and relevant to the continent.


An educated Africa where everyone can reach their full potential in Christ.


Unlocking potential, inspiring faith.

Our Values


As a company, we emphasise serving God in our work and daily life in accordance with His Word.


In everything we do, we conduct ourselves and our business in a way that is ethical, transparent and above reproach in all aspects.


We consistently exhibit extremely high standards of professionalism in all our relationships and in everything we develop, produce and sell. We strive to provide you with the best possible experience.


We are proactively seeking new opportunities and solutions to ensure that our education solutions and services offerings are intentionally reviewed to remain relevant to our market.

AEE's Unique Approach to Education

Christian Education for the Modern Child

AEE offers Christian education that inspires faith and guides children towards a meaningful relationship with Christ. As a result, children are secure in their identity and better equipped to face the challenges of the modern world.

Unlocking Individual Potential

At AEE, we firmly believe that every child has the potential to achieve academic success. We are dedicated to unlocking their unique talents and abilities.

World-Class, Accessible, and Affordable

We pride ourselves on delivering world-class education solutions that are both accessible and affordable. Our commitment to affordability ensures that more children can benefit from our exceptional educational programs.

Meet Our Team

Meet the incredible team behind AEE! From our bustling Warehouse and Distribution Centre, to our Customer Experience Centre and Curriculum Development teams, our staff are the heartbeat of AEE.

They’re dedicated to getting quality education solutions into the hands of our customers across the African continent and Europe.

AEE Leadership Team

Graham Yoko

Chief Executive officer

Mandla Mthembu

Chief Operating Officer

Rob Ward

Chief Operating Officer - Commercialisation

Peggy Kwaan

Group Financial Officer

Pam Yoko

Customer Relations Manager

Bridget Ward

Group Product Development & Marketing Officer

Marius Bezuidenhout

Senior Manager School Services

Tammy Teague

Group People Officer

Our Footprint

We are unlocking potential throughout Africa

Ready to get started?


30 JULY 2024 - 2 August 2024

Join us at the Administrators’ Seminar, an annual event for principals, pastors and administrators to gather, connect and enjoy a time of renewal.