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Start A School

Considering starting a school?

For those who have a calling to educate, there are few things more fulfilling than influencing the lives of young people. This purpose is so significant that it may inspire you to consider starting a school.

Running a school from church premises also offers a wonderful way to make use of the church facilities during the week while impacting the lives of young people and the wider community. 

We’re here to help you start a school

Starting a school can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. 

AEE has been guiding like-minded individuals in their quest to open a school and provide a biblically-sound education to young minds for 40 years. We’ve helped schools of all sizes and phases get off the ground, from small mission schools to large independent schools.

Every school needs some basic preparations before opening its doors, and AEE is ready to assist you with the essentials.

Connecting you to the right education solutions for your school

We offer a variety of educational platforms and curriculums that cater to different types of schools, including online, classroom, and homeschooling. 

For blended learning, you can use Comprehend Africa, or if you’re interested in homeschooling, you can adopt Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E). We’ll assist you in finding the right curriculum for your needs. 

In addition, AEE has a wide range of enrichment materials that can enhance your learners’ experience, from resources that promote content mastery to additional support platforms. You’ll have the flexibility to provide your learners with whatever they require.

Education Solutions

Systems of Education
Accelerated Christian Education

Grades 00 - 12

International system of education with Biblically-based learning materials

Comprehend Africa

Grades 4 - 9

Blended learning solution for schools. Academically rigorous, locally developed curriculum. Tech support & teacher training available

Enrichment curriculum & Solutions
Smart Choices

Grades R - 12

Wholesome sexuality education programme, an alternative to the Department of Education CSE curriculum

Career Development

Grades 1 - 12

A self-discovery programme introducing learners to the world of careers


Grades 4 - 12

Online portal for enrichment material

School Support


Having the curriculum and materials ready is terrific, but many new school leaders may still need guidance. One of our many innovations is the AEE Association, which offers continued support to you and your school.

In addition, the AEE Association is ready to assist you with any issues, queries or concerns.

Get The Support You Need To Start A School

If you have been called to open a school or are interested in learning more, AEE can guide you through the steps or answer any questions. 

Contact us now and begin your journey to starting a place of learning!