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Career Development

Empowering Learners to Explore Their Future Careers

A self-discovery programme introducing learners to the world of careers

Schools are falling behind in career readiness

Each learner has their own set of dreams and aspirations, with the ultimate goal of achieving a fulfilling career. They possess individual personalities, talents, and academic abilities.

Sadly, traditional career education disregards unique gifting, focusing solely on what a child’s academic performance enables them to do. And while some career guidance programmes may introduce learners to job titles, they don’t often delve deeper into what a career entails or truly prepare learners for the world of work. 

With the world changing rapidly, children need intentional guidance and education to discover their unique talents and strengths, explore career paths, and prepare for the future of work.

Preparing learners for their future today

AEE’s Career Development programme provides early guidance to learners on their talents, interests, and future career choices. It’s an exciting programme encouraging self-exploration, discovery, and a clear sense of direction. 

The programme aims to enhance learners’ general career knowledge through engaging and challenging content suited to their mental and emotional capacity. 

Learners are encouraged to dream, research, and consider their future.

Key features

Career Development empowers learners to reach their full potential and discover their purpose by exploring the world of work.

Psychometric Testing

Our qualified psychological professionals assist learners in choosing their Grade 10 subjects through interests and skills assessments, aptitude assessments, and personality evaluations.

Career Counselling Sessions

We guide learners in discovering their learning styles and offer study skills support through individual or group counselling sessions.


Gain access to Map4Life, a powerful tool that helps learners set and achieve goals, develop positive habits, and live a purpose-driven life.

Mentor Training

Our comprehensive mentor training equips educators to teach Career Development to Grades 5-12 learners, covering essential aspects of programme implementation and providing additional support through engaging exercises and discussions.

“I truly think that Career Development helps the students. Students have different strengths and weaknesses, and with the help of Career Development, they can see whether their career goals will lead them to a bright future.”

- Inge Pretorius, Groblersdal Christian School

Guide learners to their place of full potential

Prepare your learners for their future, and help them discover their purpose. Contact us today about our Career Development programme.