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Unlocking Potential and Empowering Independent Schools Across Africa

Support services for independent schools

AEE Association Services

At AEE, we understand that a little assistance can make a significant impact on your school

That’s why we proudly present the AEE Association as a forum for sharing ideas and an innovative initiative dedicated to strengthening and promoting the advancement of quality education in independent schools across Africa.

How we strengthen Independent Schools


Lobbying, representing, and acting on behalf of members in matters related to educational advancement. Promoting and protecting the independence of independent schools in Africa.

Information Sharing & Capacity Building

We collect, circulate, and publish relevant information while also offering capacity-building programs, seminars, meetings, workshops, and conferences on topical issues.

Policy & Advisory Services

Providing guidance and advisory services on matters related to educational advancement, policy compliance, legislation, and regulations in the schooling sector.

Relationship Building

Encouraging consultation and cooperation between independent and public schools, government structures, and the wider community.

Training, resources & funding Advocacy

Advocating for resources to enhance teacher development and building capacity for quality education provision.

Staff Enrichment

Recognising that your staff is the most valuable asset in any school, we prioritise their growth and enrichment. We offer SACE-endorsed development and training programmes for all staff members, ensuring they have the tools to guide learners to reach their full potential by providing the best quality, values-based education to them.

School Improvement

Our School Improvement Programme provides quality assurance and support for member schools in achieving and maintaining excellent academic performance and a safe school environment which is critically important in attracting families to make a school their first choice.

Through rigorous quality standards and service requirements, schools progress through membership levels, enjoying benefits such as significant discounts on curriculum and learning materials, access to staff development events with Professional Development Points (PDP) from SACE, and certification of their School Improvement status.

Training Support

We provide appropriate and relevant training for each of the products offered at AEE, including onboarding, orientation and basic training for all our products. For example, new staff members are trained in methods and approaches to offer any of our main products, i.e., the A.C.E. and Comprehend Africa programme, etc.

Training includes the essential keys to successful administration, insightful and informative workshops, and an expanded spiritual emphasis on values-based education.

School Leadership and Management are also trained in various aspects of education management and leadership using SACE Endorsed courses and programmes with Professional Development Points (PDP) that can be claimed.

AEE is a proud member of NAISA

Membership Categories

We offer three membership categories tailored to schools’ specific needs:

AEE Policy Wise Membership

LITE: Subscribed for non-academic services, advocacy, and policy matters.

AEE Associate Membership

ESSENTIAL: Utilizing AEE-approved and non-approved products and offerings.

AEE Full Membership

PREMIUM: Exclusively using AEE-approved products and offerings.

Join the AEE Association today and unlock possibilities for your school's growth, excellence, and impact.

"We are very appreciative of the fact that the AEE Association keeps us informed of developments that affect our industry. In this regard we are informed of legal issues that are dealt with in courts of law, amendments to present legislation and the promulgation of new laws, to mention a few. In addition, the AEE Association has made it possible for our educators to study at various tertiary institutions since the former arranged for relevant bursaries."

- Veronah Esterhuizen, Christ Gen School Management

Build a school you and your community can be proud of

Get the support you need to become the school of choice in your area. Get in touch with us today to join the AEE Association!


30 JULY 2024 - 2 August 2024

Join us at the Administrators’ Seminar, an annual event for principals, pastors and administrators to gather, connect and enjoy a time of renewal.