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Comprehend Africa

Empower Your Students’ Education with Comprehend Africa

Blended learning solution for schools. Academically rigorous, locally developed curriculum

Looking for a modern education solution that just works?

Are you struggling to find a modern education solution that works seamlessly for both the classroom and home environment? Are you looking for an education programme that is CAPS-aligned, values-based, and meets a high standard of academic rigour? 

Look no further than Comprehend Africa.

Traditional education methods are limiting your learners' schooling

Traditional education methods can be limiting, leaving learners frustrated and unable to keep up with their peers. This can cause stress and anxiety for both learners and parents

Despite technology at their fingertips, educators are forced to use time-consuming methods to track learner progress and deliver curriculum.

Comprehend Africa understands these challenges and has developed a powerful, modern blended learning system to help learners thrive.

Meeting the Needs of Learners, Educators, and Parents

Introducing Comprehend Africa's Blended Learning System

Comprehend Africa’s blended learning system is designed to meet the needs of learners, educators, and parents alike. With Comprehend Africa, learners can work at their own pace and in their own space, whether at home, school or anywhere in between.

Educators can use technology to accelerate learning, track learner progress and efficiently and quickly prepare lessons with an easy-to-manage curriculum layout.

Parents can regain control of their child’s education by using Comprehend Africa in a homeschool setting.

How Comprehend Africa helps learners reach their full potential

Mastery-based Learning

By utilising a mastery-based learning approach, Comprehend Africa ensures that learners understand their current topic entirely before moving on to the next.

Personal System of Instruction (PSI)

The PSI tool provides learners with individualised support and guidance to help them overcome any challenges they may face.

Values-based Learning

Comprehend Africa is available in a Bible-based or values-based format. Both approaches teach critical values that supplement home-taught values and encourage positive behaviour and a healthy mindset.

"The language used in the Comprehend Africa material is of a high standard, and this also means that students moving from Comprehend Africa to the Online School for IEB are very well prepared for the IEB course, especially in English."

- Orange Grove School

Getting started with Comprehend Africa is easy!

We know that transitioning to online education systems can be daunting. You’re not sure where to start and overwhelmed with the thought. But, we’re here to help. 

AEE offers hands-on technical support and training to schools transitioning to online solutions. Plus, schools can run a pilot project of Comprehend Africa to get a feel for the education solution. 

In addition, Comprehend Africa is a turnkey education solution, pre-loaded with educational material, so you can start immediately. Over time, you may add additional learning material, but it’s not required to get started.

Ongoing technical support
Training for educators
Pilot Project available
Turnkey education solution

Ready to provide your learners with a modern education solution?

Comprehend Africa is here to help. Contact us today to learn more and get started. Your success is loading!


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