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The competitive edge your school and learners need

Parents are searching for an exceptional learning experience in today’s competitive educational landscape. However, many schools need help differentiating themselves and offering the individualised support that learners need to thrive. 

But there’s good news! With LearnCloud, you can offer learners the personalised experience they deserve.

LearnCloud – Content on Demand

LearnCloud is an online portal that provides learners access to over 400 high-quality elearning materials. So whether they want to expand their knowledge or catch up on missed lessons, learners can engage with the content anytime, anywhere – at school, home, or anywhere in between.

LearnCloud pairs seamlessly with the Comprehend Africa curriculum but can also be used as a standalone product by schools using another curriculum.

All learning material on LearnCloud has been developed by AEE in collaboration with curriculum development specialists, giving you the confidence that content is accurate and age-appropriate to the learner’s needs.

Experience the difference of LearnCloud

What learners say about LearnCloud

“LearnCloud helps me understand my work better because they show you examples of what you are learning. They teach you and save time instead of waiting for the supervisor to help you.”
“LearnCloud has helped me specifically with my Life Science. In areas where I wouldn’t fully understand explanations in the PACE. LearnCloud’s excellent visuals, scenarios and practical examples are always there to give an in-depth understanding of the true essence of the lesson.”
“Nearing the end of my school career, I was blessed with the opportunity to utilise LearnCloud. My experience with the programme was a positive one. I saw myself grasping concepts easily.”

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Give your learners the tools they need to succeed with LearnCloud. Contact us today to access the enriched learning portal.