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Christian education that unlocks potential & inspires faith

Innovative education solutions for schools and homeschools.

Children deserve better than mediocre education

Whether you’re a parent or educator, you want your children and learners to have access to the best education possible. 

Unfortunately, many education systems fall short:

  • No individual support for learners
  • Home-taught values are not reinforced
  • No room for curriculum expansion
  • Lack of online and blended learning options

The current system is too rigid, prioritising parrot-fashioned learning over individual mastery. It’s an administrative nightmare and it lacks modern solutions enabling learners to learn from anywhere, anytime. 

Parents and educators are also forced to choose between academic excellence and values-based curricula. You want both, and your learners deserve better!

You need an education solution where learners can flourish and reach their full potential.

Our Popular Education Solutions

Accelerated Christian Education

Grades 00 - 12

International system of education with Biblically-based learning materials

Comprehend Africa

Grades 4 - 9

Blended learning solution for schools. Academically rigorous, locally developed curriculum. Tech support & teacher training available

Smart Choices

Grades R - 12

Wholesome sexuality education programme, an alternative to the Department of Education CSE curriculum

“My children always thank me for registering them with A.C.E.! We recommend the A.C.E. programme to parents when they ask us where our children go to school. I don’t regret even a single day choosing this system. You can see your child is focused and independent. They trust God in whatever they do.”

Ms Nondumis Felicity Maliwa

Homeschool Educator

How to get started

No matter if you are a parent or an educator, getting started is easy! You can begin your journey towards a modern Christian education solution with three simple steps:

Get in touch

Contact our Customer Experience Centre.


Our team will connect you to the right solution for your needs.

Access your new curriculum

Hooray! Innovative education is now at your fingertips. Enjoy your new curriculum!

Delivering quality Christian education for 40 years

With a rich history dating back to 1983, AEE has been a trusted provider of exceptional Christian education solutions for over 40 years. Our innovative curriculum and solutions are rooted in Christian values and cater to the unique needs of Africa. 

Whether you’re a school seeking comprehensive educational programmes or a homeschooling family looking for a tailored curriculum, we’re here to support you on your educational journey.

Don’t compromise on your child’s education

Get in touch with us today to access world-class, value-driven education solutions.


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