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Smart Choices

Helping Children Make Smart Choices For A Smart Life

Values-Based Sexuality Education Programme

What are your children being exposed to every day?

As educators and parents, we strive to provide our learners with the best education possible. We want their school environment to align with the values we instil in them at home.  

Sadly, parents and educators feel they have little choice regarding sexuality education with the rollout of the mandatory, morally-questionable Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum. As a result, children are exposed to concepts before they are emotionally ready, and in a way that doesn’t promote healthy sexuality but rather confusion.

“When sexuality education becomes sex information, it leads to promiscuity and sexually related problems” – Dr Darleen Edwards-Meyer

Clearing the confusion for a healthy self-image

With so many conflicting thoughts, values and beliefs being filtered through our children, it is no wonder many young people become confused about their bodies, sexuality and identity.

While this sort of confusion can arise from many places, a principal source can be schools.

Ask yourself...
  • Do you know what educators are teaching learners?
  • Are there guest speakers coming to the school?
  • What are they speaking about?
  • What are children learning about their identity and sense of self?
Empowering Children with Smart Choices

A Comprehensive and Age-Appropriate Sexuality Education Programme

Smart Choices for a Smart Life is a values-based sexuality education programme designed to equip children with essential knowledge and skills. 

Our programme covers everything from understanding their bodies to handling uncomfortable situations and asserting personal rights. It is tailored for Grade R to 12 learners, ensuring age-appropriate content at every step. 

Smart Choices is CAPS-aligned and meets the Life Orientation requirements of the National Department of Basic Education (DBE), providing a well-researched and expertly developed option for schools.

The programme includes Materials, Guidebooks, Scripted Lesson Plans for teachers, parents and counsellors, and age-appropriate workbooks for learners.

Empowering Role-Players with Smart Choices Knowledge

Training For Educators And Parents

We offer comprehensive training for Educators and Parents so you are well-equipped to implement the Smart Choices for a Smart Life programme with care and expertise. We recommend that everyone involved in a child’s life be adequately trained to deliver the programme.

Courses are readily available for parents and educators which cover the core concepts of Smart Choices, including the Smart Life House and the three Smart Choices Pillars.

Available courses for educators and parents:

  • Smart Life Foundation Course (for educators and parents)
  • Smart Life Facilitators Course (for presenters)
  • RADS Peer Support Course (for presenters)

Meet Dr Darleen

Dr Darleen Edwards-Meyer is the mind behind the Smart Choices programme.

She is committed to positively impacting society by contributing towards relationships, sexual health and well-being for all.

Dr Darleen attained a Higher Education Diploma, B.Ed. (Cum Laude); M.Ed. (Cum Laude), a Ph.D. in Social Education (investigating problems in parenting, sexuality and alcohol & drug abuse) and a diploma in Family and Sexuality Education from the University of Pretoria.

Darleen has authored and co-authored various academic articles and books in this field, among other things, two Education textbooks for tertiary institutions, “Smart choices for Responsible Choices. A guide for Educators”.

"I burst into tears when I was introduced to Smart Choices. I wish someone had introduced me to it earlier."

- Casha Pretorius, Educator, Hamakom Privaatskool

Join the Smart Choices Movement Today

Equip your children with the knowledge and values that they need to make smart choices for a smart life. Enroll in the Smart Choices programme and be part of a movement that prioritises their holistic development and well-being.

Together, we can shape a healthier, more informed future for the next generation.


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